Family Portraits

Create your own Family Heirloom

This visual 'family tree' makes a truly unique gift for weddings, anniversaries, graduations, birthdays, retirement etc.
Create a custom canvas celebrating the life of you and your ancestors. Imagine the possibilities...grandparents, grandchildren,
the old homestead, the cottage, family pets, your old bicycle! You are limited only by your imagination (and your photo
collection). Your heirloom will be printed on archival quality canvas and guaranteed against fading for over one hundred years.
Order copies for the whole family! Please call or email for a quotation.

Just a few of the possibilities.
As simple or complex as you like!

Click on the thumbnails for a closer look

Nostalgia Series

Below are the first two of an emerging series of nostalgic images created from old photographs and advertisements
combined with period pieces for a humourous look at our past.
These are stock images, printed on archival quality canvas, but could also be an idea for your family heirloom.

© All images property of Norman Stiff Illustration