Gingerbread Studio evolved out of Bothar Bui Studio, a fine art studio featuring the artwork of Norman Stiff,
which operated out of Dublin, Ireland during the 1990's.
Most of the artwork is created using the time honoured technique of copperplate etching. An original print is hand pulled and
watercolour is added to bring the piece to life. The final image is then reproduced using archival inks and paper
and presented in a unique handcrafted leaded glass frame.
Gingerbread Studio is located in the beautiful village of Elora, Ontario.

Country Heritage

Animals, Fruit & Trees

Vintage Bikes & Planes

Old Sailing Ships & Trains

Old Toronto Streetcars

Toronto Images

Toronto Subway Stops

Lighthouse Series

Celtic & Silverware
Ireland Series & Instruments

Irish Watercolour and Wall Series

Dublin Series

Dublin Street & Gas Lamps

Irish Country & Celtic Crosses


Custom Souvenir

Family Portraits


Prices given are retail. Wholesale enquiries welcome.
Please send any questions, comments or orders to:
Gingerbread Studio Elora
Phone/fax (519) 846-5324